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Taking care of leather requires regular maintenance and proper cleaning to keep it looking great and lasting longer. Here are some tips on how to take care of leather:


  1. Avoid exposing leather to direct sunlight or extreme heat as it can cause the leather to dry out, fade or crack.

  2. Use a soft-bristled brush or a dry cloth to remove dust and dirt from the leather surface. For stubborn stains, use a damp cloth with mild soap or leather cleaner.

  3. Apply leather conditioner or leather oil (Mink oil) to nourish and protect the leather. This should be done every 2-3 months or as needed, depending on how often the leather is used.

  4. Avoid using harsh chemicals or cleaning agents on the leather as it can damage the finish and cause discoloration.

  5. Store leather items in a cool and dry place when not in use. Avoid wrapping leather items in any plastic as it can easily cause the leather to dry out and even crack.

  6. In case of spills or stains, blot the area immediately with a clean, dry cloth. Do not rub the stain as it can spread and make the stain worse.

  1. Be cautious when applying products to light-colored leather items as they are more prone to discoloration and staining. It is recommended to use a leather protector or spray to prevent staining and fading.

  2. If your leather item gets wet, do not use heat or direct sunlight to dry it as it can cause the leather to shrink or crack. Instead, let it air dry naturally, away from direct heat.

  3. For leather shoes or boots, use a shoehorn when putting them on to prevent damage to the back of the shoe. Use a shoe brush to remove dirt and a shoe polish or leather conditioner to keep the leather supple.

  4. If you are unsure about how to clean or care for your leather item, seek the advice of a professional leather cleaner or directly contact us for further information.


By following the above tips, you can keep your leather items looking great and prolong their lifespan. And also, enjoy their natural beauty and durability for years to come.

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