Leather is one of the indispensable elements of people’s using and wearing, exquisite leather goods can make people exude a noble and mature atmosphere. However, there are many types of leather and each has its own characteristics. How to choose the leather goods that suits you has become a big problem. Let’s take a look at the simple leather classification lsorted by TAleatherworks Handmade for you!

What are the types of leather?

Leather is mainly divided into two categories: “Leather” and “Imitation leather”: “Leather” refers to leather made from natural animals skins and chemically treated (tanning). Common types include cowhide, sheep leather and pig leather etc.

“Imitation leather” is artificial leather, which is commonly known as PU and PVC. The two materials can be adjusted in color, gloss, texture, etc. according to personal requirements, and then laminated with chemical fiber cloth or cotton cloth. Although the surface of imitation leather is very similar to real leather, the feel and elasticity of most imitation leather cannot reach the level of real leather.

Leather features

Each type of natural leather has its own advantages and disadvantages. Let me introduce the three most common animal leathers first!


1. Cowhide leather

Cowhide leather is the most widely used leather material in the world. It is commonly used in the production of leather shoes, handbags, clothing, jewelry and other products. Among them, the quality of raw cowhide originated in Europe is the best.

The advantage of cowhide lies in its fine and tight texture, soft and strong leather, so cowhide products are more durable and comfortable. There are also different grades of cowhide. For example, yellow cowhide is better than buffalo cowhide, and the first layer leather is better than the second layer leather.

cowhide leather

The surface of the cowhide leather is smooth and its texture is fine and tight.


leather luggage tag-1

Our minimalist luggage tags are made of 100% Italian vegetable tanned cowhide leather, the smoothing surface and engraving are simple but full of characteristics, and the leather is high-quality and durable.


2. Sheep leather

Sheep leather has an elegant texture and a corrugated shape. Because the leather is light and soft, it feels comfortable to use. It is often used to make leather clothes; but its durability and strength are naturally inferior to cowhide and pig leather.

Sheep leather can be roughly divided into goat leather and sheep leather. Sheep leather is finer and softer than goat skin, but it is relatively fragile and easily damaged, so you should take care of it after purchase.

sheep leather

Sheep leather is delicate, soft and smooth, and full of comfort.


3.Pig leather

The appearance of pigskin leather is obviously inferior to other leathers, and the surface is rough and not smooth. It is also because the leather is stiff and low in elasticity.

But because of this, pigskin is relatively durable, waterproof and breathable, and because of its lower cost, it is often used in the production of shoe linings and other inner linings.

pigskin leather

Follow in the footsteps of TAleatherworks Handmade to explore the leather world

The knowledge of leather is as far as the raw materials of animal classification, as far as the origin, production method and process of leather. To truly understand leather, it is not something that can be achieved overnight. Genuine leather goods are a symbol of status and taste. After all, our lives are inseparable from the selection with use of leather products, so let’s study with TAleatherworks Handmade slowly! We hope this article can help you learn how to easily distinguish the various types of leather and choose your favorite leather goods!

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